What is Patella Luxation?

luxating patella

Patella luxation (slipping knee cap) is a condition that can affect dogs with more frequency than other types of pets.

Normally, the patella (kneecap) should be sitting straight and reliably in the middle of the knee.

Many dogs, especially shorter dogs with bowed legs, have knees that are at risk of patella luxation.

When a dog experiences patella luxation, its kneecap most commonly will displace towards the inside. This is called ‘medial patella luxation’. A lot of dogs can experience this if they have the body type for it – Bulldogs or Chihuahuas are a prime example.

Patella luxation is an issue because it can cause lameness in the dog. However, it is a condition that is helped greatly by surgery.

Please contact NRVS to discuss the condition and surgical treatment in more detail.

luxating patella in dogs